Zoftskin Neon Balls

  • Easy to grip and lightweight
  • Soft feel and touch
  • Non-sting construction
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in 4 sizes

Zoftskin Neon Balls are easy to grip, throw and catch. Available in 4 popular sizes between them they can be used for most  ball sports and are suitable for kicking. Their bright vibrant colours make them easy to track and will engage and excite.

This foam cut ball with a tough outer PU skin can easily be compressed when gripped but will always returns back to its original shape.  The PU outer coating prevents children from picking at the foam ensuring it lasts longer and can be wiped clean and disinfected.


7cm Yellow  12 gm
9cm Pink  28 gm
16cm Orange  92 gm
20cm Green  188 gm



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