Zoft Deluxe Wheeled Storage Bag

  • Large Equipment storage bag with heavy duty wheels
  • Tough Polyester Material with extra coating for durability
  • Features a pull-strap and integrated handle
  • Size 100cm x 37cm x 40cm
  • Storage Capacity of 148 Litres

Introducing the Zoft Deluxe Wheeled Storage Bag – the ultimate solution for all your storage needs! Ideal for storing the full range of Zoft products and accessories, this bag is made of heavy duty materials and features tough rubber wheels to make it mobile. Forget about carrying ripped bags with your broken straps; this carry-all has webbing straps and reinforced stitching that are easy on your shoulders while also preventing ripping or tearing. And if you’re feeling extra weighed down, just roll away!

The storage bag also features a side zip pocket so you can keep key items organized and within reach. Whatever kind of adventure you’re embarking on, the Zoft Deluxe Wheeled Storage Bag will make sure all your gear can come too! Get equipped with the best today!


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