Zoft Aluminum Tennis Racket

  • Lightweight Tennis Racket
  • Manufactured from high quality aluminium
  • Good quality nylon strings
  • Comfortable PU grip
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Head cover not included

The Zoft Aluminum Tennis Racket is a high quality yet affordable choice for tennis fans of all ages! Constructed with the most premium-grade aluminum, this racket is more durable than graphite models. It comes equipped with an ergonomic grip and lightweight alloy frame that provides exceptional shot assistance and control. With a cushioned grip, you won’t have to worry about blisters while you play.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade from your existing equipment, this tennis racket has something for players of all levels. Controlling your shots has never been easier! Become a master of the court with the dependable and comfortable Zoft Aluminum Tennis Racket!


Description  Length  Head Size  Weight
Mini  (2-4 Years) 19" 74 Sq" 185g
Mini  (For Age 5 & 6 under 120cm) 21" 83 Sq" 210g
Junior  (For Age 6-8 120cm to 130cm) 23" 92 Sq" 228g
Junior (For Players  130cm to 140cm) 25" 92 Sq" 240g
Adult (For Players 140cm and Above) 27" 108 Sq" 280g



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