Primary Throwing Discus Set (4)

  • Ideal introduction to discus throwing to learn technique 
  • Suitable for schools, leisure centres and primary and junior athletics
  • Set of 4 primary coloured  soft vinyl discus
  • Comes complete with a carrying case
  • Weight 200g

The Primary Throwing Discus Set is the perfect way to get your young ones started in the wonderful world of discus throwing! Made from soft, lightweight vinyl with a hollow center, these discs are ultra-durable and designed specifically for small children's hands. The set comes with four brightly-coloured discs in red, blue, green, and yellow - perfect for schools, leisure centers, and primary/junior athletics. With the Primary Throwing Discus Set, your kids will learn proper technique and develop their coordination and motor skills. 

They also come with a carry case, making them easy to transport. This set is perfect for parents, coaches or teachers who want to introduce primary aged children to athletics in particular the discus and help them develop their skills.


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