First-play Throwing Pack

  • Develop throwing skills
  • Items with varying flight characteristics
  • Equipment strong and durable
  • Weight 6kg approx

This innovative pack contains a selection of different items all of different weights, shapes and sizes for throwing. The User friendly progress card will allow the children to monitor their improvements. Supplied in storage bag.

Contents: 3 x Foam Shot Putts, 3 x Foam Discus, 3 x Plastic Frisbees, 3 x Flexi Throwers, 3 x Tail Balls, 3 x Aero Balls, 3 x Foam Rings, 3 x Throwing Quoits, 3 x Mini Foam Javelins, 6 x Distance Markers, 1 x Progress Card and 1 x Storage Holdall.


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