First-play Tactile Sensory Motor kit

  • 44 Pieces of equipment
  • Encourages motor skills
  • Foster imagination and creativity
  • Supplied in mesh storage bag

This pack offers a great selection of equipment offering smell, sound, textures and varying shapes making it suitable for children of different ages and abilities.

Contents: 12 x Tactile Feet, 6 x 20cm Scented Balls 6 x Telephone Quoits, 6 x Beanbags, 2 x 80mm Hedgehog Balls, 2 x 90mm Hedgehog Balls, 2 x Flexi Thrower, 2 x 28cm Bump Balls, 2 x 10cm Bump Balls, 2 x Pom Pom Balls, 1 x 15cm Soft Bell Ball and 1 x 50cm Activity Ball.


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