First-play Summer School Pack

  • 103 Pieces of equipment
  • Perfect for teaching fundamental skills
  • Encourages active play
  • Weight approx 17kg

This large activity pack has something for everyone to enjoy at summer camp. Rugby, football, netball, rounder’s, hockey, throwing, catching, rolling, evasion and parachute play. Contains over 100 pieces.

Contents: 1 x Non Sting Football, 2 x Rounders Softtouch Bat, 1 x 7cm Sensyball, 1 x Rugby Ball (Size 5), 1 x Urban Football (Size 5), 4 x Padder Bats, 4 x Scoop Rackets, 2 x Softtouch Rounders Bats, 4 x Frog Beanbags, 6 x Foam Balls, 8 x Beanbags, 1 x Target Mat, 12 x Eurohoc Sticks, 2 x Eurohoc Balls, 1 x 3.5m Parachute, 4 x Frisbee, 4 x Rounders Post & Base, 12 x Tennis Balls, 6 x Katch Cups, 6 x Zoft Balls, 12 x Skipping Ropes, 1 x Parachute Book, 12 x Rugy Tagbelts with Tags and 2 x Pop Up goals.


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