First-play Sensory Fun Ball Pack

  • 109 Pieces of equipment
  • Selection of textured surface
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Supplied in storage bag

A fantastic set containing over 100 different tactile balls. Great for use with large groups. Ideal for sensory and motor skills, hand/eye co-ordination and much more. Included in the set is a large storage bag along with a ball inflator.

Contents: 12 x Squeeze balls, 12 x 100mm sensy Ball, 24 x Urchin Balls, 1 x 300mm sensy ball, 4 x 70mm Flexi balls, 4 x 90mm Flexi Balls, 2 x Flexi throwers, 4 x 130mm Flexi Balls, 6 x Smell Balls, 3 x Small Pom Pom balls, 6 x Beanbag Balls, 3 x Large Pom Pom balls, 4 x Easy Grip Balls, 2 x 150mm Soft Bell Ball, 8 x Quoits, 2 x 200mm Soft Bell Ball, 12 x Spider Balls and 1 x Storage Bag.


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