First-play Multi Coloured Team Kit

  • Primary colour equipment pack
  • Develop children's fundamental skills
  • Strong and durable
  • Weight 10kg approx

This versatile set of quality activity equipment encourages skill development in younger children and can be used to play various games. These packs are available in a mixture of four colours.

Set Contents: 8 x 9cm Plastic Balls, 4 x 15cm Soft Touch Balls, 4 x 20cm Soft Touch Balls. 4 x Eurohoc Club Sticks, 8 x Team Bands, 24 x Space Markers, 8 x Bean Bags, 8 x Skipping Ropes, 8 x 7cm Zoft Balls, 4 x 60cm Flat Hoops 4 x Tele Quoits, 4 x Padder Bats and 8 x TT Bats.


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