First-play Key Stage One Kit

  • Bumper pack of quality play equipment
  • Contains something for everyone.
  • Equipment suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Weight 19kg

A range of over 100 pieces of equipment that will develop skills and understanding through dance and games activities.

Contents: 30 x Marker Cones, 4 x Evasion Belts, 1 x Non sting Volleyball, 2 x Large Pom Pom Ball, 1 x Mini Rainbow Basketball, 1 x Easy Grip Rugby Ball, 2 x Aeroball, 2 x Soffy Football, 4 x 10cm Softtouch Ball, 2 x Flexiball, 12 x TT Bats, 3 x rounders Softtouch Bat, 6 x Beanbags, 2 x Balance Discs, 1 x Foam Rugby Ball, 12 x 70mm Foam Ball, 4 x Eurohoc Sticks, 2 x Hoop Nets, 2 x Paddle Rings, 2 x Start & Finish Lines, 4 x Three Legged Ties, 6 x Marking Spots, 12 x Tennis Balls, 12 x Zoft Balls, 6 x Juggling Scarves, 1 x 20cm Bump Ball, 4 x Catch Cups, 6 x Skipping Ropes, 6 x Cheerleader Pom Poms, 6 x Connecting Hoops, 4 x Playballs, 4 x Tele Quoits, 6 x Dance Wands and 2 x Storage Bags.


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