First-play Deluxe Kit

  • Encourages participation and fun between children.
  • Great start up kit.
  • 90 pieces of equipment.
  • Weight 8kg approx.

A comprehensive range of PE equipment to introduce young children to basic sporting skills ”rolling, stopping, kicking, lifting, throwing, catching, running, jumping and hopping”.

Contents: 4 x Bean bags, 8 x Plastic rackets, 4 x 10cm playballs, 10 x 2.2m skipping ropes, 4 x 7cm Zoft® balls, 4 x 7cm plastic balls, 4 x Hoops, 25 x Spacemarkers, 2 x 16cm playballs, 4 x Quoits, 20 x 7cm foam balls, 1 x 20cm foam dice and 1 x Storage box.


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