First-play Balance Activity Pack

  • Endless configurations restricted only by the imagination.
  • Supplied in two heavy duty holdalls.
  • Durable and strong.
  • Contains 84 pieces.

This vibrant colourful pack encourages children to use their creative imagination to design challenging obstacle courses which will requires both individual and team skills. With many permutations these will provide a fun activity whilst also developing basic motor skills including balance and co-ordination.

Contents: 6 x Walk Boards, 6 x Connectors, 2 x 30cm Cones, 4 x Bricks, 4 x 50cm Posts, 4 x 100cm Posts, 2 x 76cm Round Hoops, 2 x 50cm 12-sided Flat Hoop, 6 x Post Connectors, 12 x Beanbags, 12 x Non-Slip Marking Hands, 12 x Non-Slip Marking Feet, 6 x Non-Slip Marking Arrows, 6 x Non-Slip Marking Spots & 2 x Storage Bags.


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