First-play Afterschool Club Play Box

  • Fun equipment that will appeal to all.
  • Vibrant colours.
  • Supplied in sturdy box with clip on lid.
  • Weight 6kg

A wide range of equipment for children to enjoy that will keep kids active whilst having fun.

Contents: 4 x 23cm Cones, 1 X  Pair Scoop Rackets, 4 x Foam Balls, 2 x Juggling Rings, 2 x Frisbees, 4 x Fluff Balls, 2 x Pom Pom Balls, 1 x 20cm Bump Ball, 4 x Bean Bags, 1 10cm Softtouch Ball, 1 x 15cm Softtouch Ball, 1 x 70cm Flexi Ball, 1 x 13cm Flexi Ball, 2 x Mini Rackets, 2 x TT Bats, 10  x Markers, 1 x Catchtail Ball, 6 x Rainbow Wands and 1 x Storage Box.


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