First-play Throw and Catch Pack

  • Items with various flight characteristics
  • Develop fundamental skills
  • Durable and versatile
  • Supplied in storage bag

Specially selected range of equipment to encourage children to develop basic throwing and catching skills. Contains a selection of frisbees and balls supplied in breathable mesh storage bag.

Contents: 2 x pom-pom balls, 6 x tennis balls, 2 x bean bag ball, 2 x catchtail ball, 1 x 20cm massage soccer ball, 1 x 24cm massage rugby ball, 2 x 10cm bump ball, 1 x aeroball, 1 x softy football yellow/red, 2 x 13cm flexi thrower , 4 x blue frisbee, 1 x flying beanbag disc, 1 x Pack 4 bean bags and 1 x white mesh sack.


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