First-play Pick Up & Throw Tub

  • Items with varying flight characteristics
  • Develop hand/eye co-ordination
  • Improve throwing and catching technique
  • 41 pieces of equipment

    This easy to carry tub is packed with a selection of equipment all of different weights, shapes and sizes to develop throwing techniques.

    Contents:6 x Plastic Frisbees, 6 x Rubber Quiots, 6 x Scarfballs, 12 x Tennis Balls, 2 x Catchtail Balls, 1 x Aeroball, 1 x 13cm Flexi Thrower, 1 x Beanbag Frisbee, 2 x Mini Foam Javelin, 3 x Commet Balls, 1 x Mini Rainbow Rugby Ball  & 1 x Storage Tub.

    SKU: SET255

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