First-play Pick Up & Feel Tub

  • Stimulate senses with touch and feel
  • Encourage motor skill development
  • Variety of tactile surfaces
  • 44 pieces of equipment

    This easy to carry tub is packed with a specially selected range of sensory tactile balls which will help develop motor skills and stimulate senses.

    Contents:1 x Pom Pom Ball, 1 x 70mm Flexi Ball, 1 x Sensy Rugby Ball, 1 x Sensy Soccer Ball, 1 x 15cm Soft Bell Ball, 4 x Tele Quiots, 6 x Urchin Balls, 1 x 90mm Hedgehog Ball, 4 x Original Beanbags, 1 x Neon Ball, 1 x 10cm Sensy Ball, 8 x 70mm Foam Balls, 6 x Cheerleader Pom poms, 6 x Sensory Feet, 2 x Easy Grip Balls & 1 x Storage Tub.

    SKU: SET254

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