Eurohoc Mini Floorball Training Goal

  • Strong and practical mini hockey goal
  • Made of steel and welded in one piece
  • Perfect for outdoor street hockey
  • Supplied with fitted with nets
  • Size 90cm x 75cm
  • Colour Black
  • Sold Individually

If you’re looking for the perfect training tool to help sharpen your hockey shooting accuracy, then look no further than the Eurohoc Mini Hockey Goal! This mini goal is incredibly strong and capable enough to take on all the shots you can fire - making it an ideal practice companion.

Made with steel and welded into one piece, this portable goal is strong enough to handle all types of hits without fear of toppling over. Whether you’re practicing outside in your street or down at your local rink, this Mini Hockey Goal will provide you with the perfect target for endless hours of shooting drills.

What could be better? This Mini Hockey Goal comes complete with a fitted net so all your shots are securely contained until collected. With measurements of 90cm x 75cm, each goal comes individually packaged and proudly sports a black colourway finish. So make sure to add the Eurohoc Mini Hockey Goal to your training kit today and trust us, you won't get disappointed!



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