Eurohoc Intro Soft Hockey Sticks

  • Perfect for juniors and new players
  • Sturdy robust hockey stick
  • Light and flexible
  • High density moulded polythene head and shaft
  • Hi- grip rubber handle
  • Available in 5 sizes

      The Eurohoc Intro hockey stick is manufactured from high grade polyethylene making it light and flexible and easy for users to handle. This one piece moulded hockey stick is suitable for use indoors and outdoors on a variety of surfaces including grass, hard courts and astro turf.

       Size Guide

       Height Of Player  Recommended Size 
      3'7" - 3'9" 28" Blue
      3'9" - 4.0" 30" Yellow
      4'.0" - 4'.9" 32" Orange
      4'.9" - 5'.0" 34" Green
      5'.0" - 5'.8" 36" Purple

      SKU: HOC500

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