Eurohoc 10% Carbon Hockey Stick

  • Made of 10% Carbon, 85% Glassfibre and 5% Kevlar
  • Carbon Edge Protection for stronger reverse-hits
  • Kevlar Heel Protection for longer shape retention
  • Mid Bow with 22mm bend
  • Soft cushion grip

The combination of 10% carbon, 85% glass fibre and 5% kevlar make this stick gentle yet powerful - so you can feel confident enough to focus on developing your technique and refining your skills. Boasting a high balance point, super-soft grip and midi-head shape which helps with skill execution – this stick has all the features needed for excellent control. The light weight also helps achieve great pick-up in the hands of players, making it an ideal choice for hockey beginners too.

So, if you’re looking for something to give your technique an edge during games or practice the Eurohoc 10% Carbon Hockey Stick is here to up your game.

 Stick Size Player Height
36.5" 5'3" - 5'10"
37.5" 5'10" +



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