Zoft Stage 1 Intro Tennis Ball Bucket Of 96

  • Transitional ball from mini to standard tennis
  • 25% Slower giving players more time to react
  • Ideal for players aged 9 & 10
  • Excellent ball for all age starter players
  • Suitable for any court surface
  • Bucket of 96 with carry handle and lid

Introducing the Zoft Stage 1 Intro Tennis Ball Bucket of 96, perfect for transitioning young players from mini tennis to a full size court. Developed specially with 25% less pressure than a regular tennis ball, the Zoft Stage 1 provides a slower game speed so that young players can enjoy more time and reaction successfully. Boasting a bright and vibrant fluorescent green and yellow felt exterior, these beginner’s balls offer excellent visibility on any type of court surface.

The larger size makes them easier to track and feature a bigger sweet spot on the racket making them easier to hit consistently. This bucket of 96 is handy for maintaining an abundance of balls so they don’t get lost and also comes with an easily accessed carry handle and lid for convenience. Suitable for all ages, the Zoft Stage 1 Intro Tennis Ball Bucket of 96 is an ideal choice for rookie tennis players or groups looking to progress their skills!


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