Confetti Play Balls 25cm Pack of 4

    Introducing the Confetti Play Balls 25cm Pack of 4 – your ticket to endless outdoor fun and spirited group activities for children! These vibrant, eye-catching play balls are designed to add a splash of colour and excitement to any playtime, ensuring every moment is filled with joy and laughter.

    Key Features

    • Suitable for Outdoor Play: Crafted for the great outdoors, these balls are perfect for parks, gardens, and playgrounds, providing kids with hours of entertainment in the fresh air.
    • Ideal for Group Activities: Whether it's a birthday party, school event, or a simple playdate, these play balls are designed for children to enjoy together. They promote healthy physical activity and social interaction among kids.
    • Assorted Colours: The pack comes with balls in beautiful, semi-transparent shades of blue and pink, making them appealing to boys and girls alike. The colours are vibrant and add a visual appeal to any game.
    • Easy to Inflate: Convenience at its best – these play balls can be inflated quickly and effortlessly with any standard ball pump and needle, meaning less time spent setting up and more time playing.
    • Pack of 4: With four balls in every pack, there's enough for everyone to join in the fun. This makes them cost-effective and ensures that no child feels left out.


    Experience the difference with our Confetti Play Balls – the ultimate choice for children's outdoor games and activities. Not only do they encourage kids to engage in physical exercise, but they also foster teamwork, improve coordination, and help develop essential motor skills. Whether used in a friendly match of catch, a lively game of dodgeball, or simply tossed around for fun, these play balls are guaranteed to be a hit.

    Perfect for parents, teachers, and anyone looking to keep children active and entertained, the Confetti Play Balls 25cm Pack of 4 is a must-have. Get your pack today and watch as the laughter and excitement unfold!

    SKU: PLM423

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