First-play Mega Maths Pack

  • Fun and educational.
  • Learn basic numeracy through play.
  • Take lessons into the pklayground from the classroom.
  • Weight approx 9kg.

An interactive class pack of a selection of items that can be used to play a variety of fun games while learning basic numeracy skills.

Contents: 1 x Number Beanbags Set (1-10), 1 x Beanbag Flying Disc, 1 x Number Cone Set (0-9), 1 x Symbol Cone Set (5), 1 x Number Line, 1 x Number Circle, 6 x Rainbow Dice, 1 x Number & Symbol Spots (14), 1 x Sensory Numbers (0-9), 2 x Instruction Cubes, 1 x Set instruction Cube Cards (30) and 1 x Storage Bag.


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